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Ben Fitches  BSc(Hons). CSCS, NSCA-CPT

Having a young family and/ or running a successful business can sometimes mean that you sacrifice yourself in order to provide for your loved ones and others close to you who are dependant upon your everyday productivity.

But if you let your health slip, you will slowly gain weight, lose energy, say goodbye to your skinny jeans and inevitably your confidence drains away. Then one day you wake up, look in the mirror and resign yourself to the fact that this is the way your life is going to be. That way of thinking is not going to inspire anyone, not your children, your partner and others close to you, is it?

I had seen this countless times over the years and I was determined it was not going to happen to me. I strive to be a role model to those close to me - my daughter, wife, family, friends and you.
You will never see me training on machines!
I have kept myself in shape all of my life. I know what it takes to be consistent with my health day after day. I do not get caught up in all that the fitness industry has to throw our way. I am not interested in quick fix solutions to losing weight that are only short term solutions. I detest the fitness industry with all of their magazines, fads, diets, low fat foods, exercise implements and so called health clubs.

I train four times per week for only around an hour at a time. Many are surprised when I tell them this. I wish I had the time to train two hours per day but the next best thing is to train towards my goals as efficiently as possible. I train myself as I train my clients. As time is limited I have to be very results orientated. I go from “A” directly to “B” without any detours. But as with everything in life I want to enjoy all experiences as we only get one crack at it. So I ensure I train with a smile on my face knowing I am constantly attaining results participating only in activities that I enjoy.

 Away from the training I eat predominately organic and choose the homeopathic approach to my health to ensure I give myself the best chance of enjoying life with my family long into the future.

I am really excited in potentially guiding you to your health and fitness goals that will enhance your life and wellbeing.

I have developed and implemented my fitness training model over 15 years, training over 150 individual clients with 10,000 plus logged hours personal training and helping countless others in a group setting, along with drawing upon my own athletic experiences at International and National level across several different sports.

My philosophy is to train everyone as if they are an athlete. Why should I use a different approach for Mrs Smith, the highly successful business woman, who wants results as efficiently as an Olympic athlete? They both have goals that they are eager to achieve them with minimal effort and time.

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Personal Trainer (plus attending dozens of workshops/seminars and additional qualifications in Golf Conditioning, Kettlebells, Boxing, Back Injuries etc etc) I have the background knowledge to reliably put my philosophy into practice with outstanding effects resulting with very satisfied, healthier clients. As a number of top strength coaches and trainers have relayed to me, “it’s not your qualifications that make you a successful coach, it’s how you apply your knowledge to your athletes/clients”. 

I am always looking to upgrade my knowledge, as with life in general, age brings wisdom, so long as you are looking to learn further. I learnt early on that fitness qualifications left me feeling somewhat cut short with the knowledge I was hoping to gain. So I set myself a challenge of competing in a entirely new sport to firstly bring to the test my experiences as a fitness coach and to secondly expand my understanding in physical training so I can enhance the results of my clients.

I´m on the back (Brakeman)
I chose the winter sport of Bobsleigh. I guess I was attracted to the speed and power of the sport when I was sat down one cold day in Janruary watching the adrenaline pumping action on television. I identified the physical attributes of the discipline and promptly designed my training plan for the coming months. Within a year I was competing for Great Britain but more importantly I got to pick the brains of top coaches and athletes to their training techniques and methods. This experience was invaluable, with my travels enabling to gather training information from sources such as the English Institute of sport to world renowned strength coaches in North America. I could not wait to implement my new ideas into my training system.

After spending many years training CEO´s of major global companies, successful entrepreneurs, entertainers, as well as devoted Mothers in the gyms, parks and homes of Central London, I relocated to sun of Spain where I continued to help amateur golfers become more consistent with their game and even the odd rock star to prepare for a world tour.

Bringing me to today where as a young family we are settling down on the Cambridgeshire, Suffolk boarder permitting me to embark on another chapter.  I will strive to continue to grow as an individual while doing what I am passionate about – helping you to get fitter and stronger allowing you to greatly enhance your everyday life.

I bring the gym to you so if you want to lose weight and dramatically improve your fitness and live in one of the following areas then contact me to arrange a consultation in the Cambridge, Newmarket area.

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