I maybe the newest Personal Trainer in Cambridge and Newmarket but I have over 15 years experience helping everyone from a CEO´s of a major global companies to dedicated mothers. Everyone has had their own unique lifestyle to juggle while at the same time focusing upon their achievements with me. This variety of experiences enables me to have an edge over other trainers in the industry and also enabled me to make some very valuable friends along the way.

Below are just some of the testimonials that have been written about the Personal Training service that I offer. All of these people had one important thing in common to carry them to their results. They all had the desire to fully immerse themselves with the tools I provided and use them to “Fulfill their Potential”.

30lbs of Fat Lost in 12 Weeks

Making Fitness Progressive & Pleasurable Again

"Ben has been training me for years and I can honestly say it takes someone special that you are happy to see as early as 7 am!! His ability to gage your mood and know how far he can push you is part of his skill...........He has changed my body considerably over the years and continues to do so by pushing your boundaries always using new methods of training so as not to let your body get bored, he genuinely works the body visualising the muscles under the skin. He is a trainer who thinks out the box and I thank him for that."
Kelly Hoppen, Interior Designer, London

Realised and Achieved My Potential

"Ben has acted as my Personal Trainer for over three years. He was recommended to me by a friend who was already in advanced physical training and pursuing objectives well beyond any that I had ever in mind. Ben has worked with me during a period where my family lifestyle has changed and we have relocated home. Ben has done a remarkable job adjusting my training objectives and schedule continuously over this period of turbulence in my family’s lifestyle.
Charlotte during the London to Brighton bike ride 2003

Ben very obviously takes his career in physical training seriously and professionally. He has invested time to understand me and my objectives and he has patiently driven me to levels that are now comfortable and rewarding to which I would not have aspired without his guidance and support. Ben is not a rah-rah gung ho trainer. His reserved manner and seriousness have contributed to our personal relationship, and they have made training regularly a realistic opportunity.

I am proud of accomplishments under Ben’s guidance: London to Brighton bike ride (62 miles) and several road races of 10km distance. I am more proud of the consistency I have been able to maintain over the three years we have trained together. This consistency is reflected in my health, strength and positive outlook toward physical exercise and conditioning.

I had trained with other personal trainers before working with Ben. These other experiences were also positive from both client/trainer relationship and training accomplishments points of view. They also give me the experience base to state confidently that Ben has the background, professionalism and maturity to work with individuals with varied personalities and with different requirements of trainer."
Charlotte Holmes, London

Total Loss of Pregnancy Weight in 3 Months

"During my pregnancy I gained 50% of my normal body weight. This was my first child and I was slightly dubious as to whether I would ever return to my normal size again.

Fortunately with Ben’s guidance and nutritional advice, I was back to my original weight after only 3 months. With the help of Ben’s varied and ever progressing workouts, I have since advanced my physique to new levels.

I advise any Mum’s that are still carrying excess baby weight from their pregnancy, and who’s timid post natal exercise plans just aren’t working, to hire Ben as his challenging workouts are not only good fun but they also get the desired results."
Andrea King, Malaga

Specific Training to Your Own Unique Needs

"I have worked with many trainers over the years, but nothing comes close to Ben. He is a serious athlete who knows how to generate tangible results without over-training. From early morning squats and deadlifts, to afternoon track work, to lots of Swiss ball core conditioning, to preparing for triathlons, I have traveled around the world with Ben because his knowledge and dedication is irreplaceable (and he is a cool guy to hang out with).

If your serious about results who wants a healthy, integrated solution (not without some hard work), then Ben is the trainer for you. We’re lucky to have someone with Ben’s talent working to help others."
Richard Georgi, Tokyo, former competitive ski racer

Regain Your Health & Fitness
"Ben has been an invaluable trainer, not so much for the exceptional and high standard of personal training that I managed to achieve with him but as it turns out for several post operation rehabilitation's. I ended up having to have three major operations in the abdomen area and Ben was crucial in starting me on a careful program of Core building and strength training. I am now back to running, weight lifting and most of my abs muscle is back to about 70% of where I was at peak training. I owe so much to Ben's focus, perseverance and dedication in training me through this incredibly tough time."
Tim Gosling, Bespoke Furniture & Interior Designer,London

Lost 35lbs & Gained 25lbs of Muscle!

"When I first met Ben I was unhealthy and tired all the time. I was tired of shop people telling me that they did not have any clothes to fit someone like me.

Then one day my girlfriend made my first appointment with Ben. If I had not listened to her gentle suggestion, I would probably still be in the same shape. That little push was all I needed. No more excuses.

I had been super fit as a young man, it's just that work and socializing got in the way and the past 15 years had been a steady downward slope.

After 2 years with Ben I have lost 35lbs of fat and gained 25lbs of muscle. I can now wear clothes from a decent shop, run for the bus (without being out of breath), bounce up stairs and generally feel fantastic. I am full of energy – especially on twice weekly training days. I can even do a dozen dips easily and quite a few pull-ups – something that was simply inconceivable when I started. I now add in a couple more trips to the gym on my own if I can and a once a week yoga session.
Honestly, friends and family have said I look 10 years younger.

Ben's tailored program is constantly varied with weights, agility training, boxing and core stability exercises. It never gets boring and every week there is a noticeable advance. These days I get home from training and my (now) wife eagerly asks me about my progress....we are both amazed every time!

To have a series of small successes like this soon builds into a complete life change."
Matt Edwards, London

Corrected Years of Dysfunctional Training

"If you are really looking to make some changes then give Ben a call. He is an outstanding trainer and motivator. One of the very best in the world, in my opinion. Excellent and customized programs will work your body in places you did not know exist. But more importantly, Ben understands the concept of balance in training. Strength, endurance, flexibility and overall conditioning are part of the drill. Years of weight lifting had disrupted that balance for me, leading to injuries. Ben's help was invaluable to getting back on track. He deserves the highest of recommendations."
Michael Kandarakis, Asia

Painless Running Again!

"I am a 50 plus female painter whose sedentary profession has to be balanced with the right type of exercise. I took up running 10 years ago but soon developed strains and pains that needed attention.

Rather than resorting to pills, potions or conventional physiotherapy – or giving up running all together – I consulted Ben about exercise solutions that could make my running painless.

In his confident, quiet, yet firm way, Ben has used his exceptional, professional skills to change my life for the better.

He designed an exercise routine for me that is effective, interesting and never repetitive. Ben really understands, more so than any other trainer I have had in the past, how to maintain the muscle tone and flexibility which is so essential for older people who wish to live life to the full."
Val Archer, Artist, Battersea, London

Corporate Group Training

“We engaged training with Ben for about 1 year.  We gained tremendous fitness during this time and an enhanced sense of well-being.  Ben tailored the workout to accommodate our various needs.  We traveled a lot, so sometimes we were not able to train whilst away and Ben sensitively adapted our routine.  He seemed always to achieve a great balance of challenge and fun.
Because of our consistent positive experience we engaged Ben to work with us on our corporate programmes.  We conduct personal development training near Marbella for large multinational clients who come to our programmes from all over Europe.  Our trainings focus on mental and emotional development and Ben helped with their physical development.  Every day at the end of our programme our participants were able to engage in this optional activity and we had about 80% turnout.  Everyone reported how wonderful it was to be able to do a physical activity that was meaningful and challenging at the end of the day.

We can highly recommend Ben to conduct professional, challenging and fun routines that encourage people to think more holistically about life.”
Sally Jackson, Director, JS-International

Enhanced My Yoga

"Whilst Ben was living in Spain I attended his classes and had Personal Training for approximately 18months - two years. Circuit Training was the main training undertaken with additional weight lifting to build up body stamina. I found Ben an enthusiastic and patient trainer who varied the circuit training regularly to keep our interest up, also catering for individual needs where appropriate. This was born out by the team of people who regularly attended the sessions. The weight lifting helped with my yoga training, building muscles which enabled me to hold positions for longer periods of time, previously not attainable, especially in my arms. My body shape changed, achieving a flatter stomach, better shaped legs and arms, and a greater chest/lung capacity, and I maintained a good BMI weight for my height and age.

Ben definitely knows his stuff and is constantly reviewing his techniques and keeping abreast of new developments in the fitness arena. Without hesitation I would recommend Ben as an excellent fitness trainer."
Vanita Roberts, 52, Malaga, Spain

Left Me Feeling Great

"Can I just say that I find your classes very enjoyable, with varied work outs leaving you feeling great, I only wished that I had more time to attend all the classes."
Simon Williams, Malaga, Spain

Whatever life throws your way, together we can ensure that your physical presence is prepared to take life in your stride. Get in contact with me now so we can immediately make plans to reaching your goals.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you,
Coach Ben.