Saturday, December 3, 2016

Personal Training in Cambridge with CrossTrain

I've been training regularly with Ben for 20 months now. Having seen what Ben could do to develop young athletes at CRUFC, I was curious to see what he could do for a middle-aged (very) ex-athlete, so I booked four sessions.  I had the usual goals for a 40-something man with a sedentary desk job, "lose a bit of weight and get fitter".  The fact that my initial 4 sessions have turned into more than 75 and counting should be testament enough. 

Ben's training sessions are always well-planned and varied. Instead of the routine exercises I was doing at the gym, Ben has introduced me to the importance of flexibility and core strength, both of which pay great dividends in regular life.  I wish I'd met Ben 30 years ago.

As a measure of the progress I've been able to make with Ben, my 10-15 mile bike rides have turned into a regular 40-50 miles. I may even complete a 100-miler before too long - something I couldn't have even contemplated 20 months ago.

Ben has a keen eye - he can spot when some movement isn't quite right and correct it.  He can also distinguish between laziness (and encourage extra effort), and genuine tiredness (when he'll tell you slow down).  As a result Ben's sessions aren't easy (if you want easy go and spend 30 minutes on the cross-trainer), but they are always within your abilities. 

While Ben's knowledge is unquestionable, it it perhaps this last point, his ability to push you just the right amount, that make him a great trainer, and someone I can't recommend highly enough.

Adrian Fraser
Senior Director
Siemens PLM Software