Monday, August 11, 2014

"The" Fitness Class - July

The fitness class has been blessed with good weather on all of the Monday and Wednesday evenings in the month of July. All sessions have been outside making the most of the space and the temperature. 
A big focus this month has been on developing our press up technique and stamina through a range of different variations. This was done as feedback from the class was they wanted to be able to complete more press ups in one go, which I am happy to write that they all have. Tonight (30th) most of the class managed to complete over 20 decent press up showing great progress. 

Monday sessions this month have been dedicated more to using our own body weight to develop fitness and stamina versus the Wednesday classes which has used much more equipment but with a similar aim. Both sessions have focused on lower body power and strength, from which we have all seen good progress individually.

My favourite session this month was a Monday session mid July using boxing pads and gloves in pairs to great effect to get the heart and breathing rate up using high intensity sets involving punching combined with a few all body exercises. The class attacked the session with a great attitude and work rate and got a lot out of the exercises. 
Great month and looking forward to the next...

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