Friday, January 4, 2013

Performance at CrossTrain Cambridge

Tom Fidler - Cambridge RUFC & England Counties

"I've had the honour of working and training alongside Ben for the past six months now and the training methods and results I've seen in that short time, I cannot even begin to give high enough praise for the work he does. I have been part of professional set-ups and rugby clubs before, where the focus is making you as big and as strong as possible, with minimal focus on the functionality of the exercise, with Ben this is not the case. 

He is always looking at the movements and what we do in games and figuring out ways and exercises to help improve them. For me this massively helped, as it’s kept my motivation levels high, as I know the exercises that I am doing will directly improve my performance. I've been fortunate enough this season to be selected to play for England Counties and I can easily say without Ben's help this would not of been possible.

Personal training can be a cold affair but this is not the case with Ben, in the six months I’ve known him we've become good friends, which makes the results and achievements all the better when you have someone to share them with".

Tom Fidler