Thursday, January 17, 2013

Looking for a Personal Trainer in Cambridge?

Or more importantly are looking for an experienced Personal Trainer in Cambridge that guarantees results?

Here is something for you to consider........

I have been training people for over 18 years. I was told very early in my career that you should not open your own gym until you have at least 10,000 hours experience. From that day I logged every session that I completed, whether it be personal training individuals or small groups or even guiding large groups in a class setting. To date I have well over 14,000 hours of helping others achieve their goals starting way back in an old school “spit and sawdust” bobybuiding gym, then into the world of big so called “health” clubs and also around the world training clients on different continents and even on private yachts around the Mediterranean.

Like every other trainer who has spent any considerable time in this industry, I have looked back to the early days and realised I could have trained people better. Sure they got results that they were delighted with, but I know I could have got them there more efficiently and with even more enhanced health benefits. I kept learning over the years from other experienced personal trainers and sports coaches to ensure I always improved my service to my clients. To this day I still spend at least 10-15 hours per week perfecting my trade, by reading research journals and other texts, going to seminars, trawling the internet, engaging with other sports coaches etc. With so much information out there, luckily through experience I have a built in filter to discard the BS that bombards us from the media and internet. You won’t have to endure the latest fads or trendy forms of exercise that will leave you disappointed with your progress. You will receive tried and tested methods that have stood the test of time because they always bring progress to those who can implement them into their lifestyle, no matter how hectic life can be. And it goes without saying that during our training time together you are the most important person in the world to me.

So what are the some of hidden extras you can expect when engaging in the services of an experienced personal trainer?

Yes, I have ideas for each day, but there is much more to training you than creating a daily routine. With my clients, I’ll have a general plan in mind, but I almost always make daily changes based on what I see in front of me. For example, if you were to turn up to our session looking fatigued from a stressful day at work the day before, I may back off what I originally planned. This type of daily interaction is vital to your success provided it is implemented at the right times.

One of my favourite quotes on this subject comes from Dave Tate’s book Under the Bar, which over the years I have found to be true for all that I train, not just athletes.

In his words,

“A program alone will not yield results. It’s the modifications that are made along the way that lead to the success of the programme…

Now there are many coaches and trainers out there who will proclaim they have this ability and that their programs will work for anyone. I am here to tell you they are dead wrong! It is just not possible for one to see into the future. Training is a process that has to be taken day to day. Yes, you need to have a basic plan to work from, but there are so many variables that can change at different rates that you must be willing to adapt your plan accordingly… A prescribed training plan is a good idea, but is only that – an idea. The rest has to be pieced together as the session and workouts progress… You will make many changes to your plan along the way.”

Be sure to reread the last sentence from the paragraph above. Truer words have not been spoken. There are times when I plan too much in my head. Once I’m in the gym with you, I may need to cut some of the work that I scheduled. At other times, I may notice that you have extra bags of energy at your disposal and so I may add more work to the original schedule. And these adjustments are made with the experience of the thousands of hours of training people just like you.

If you are in Cambridge and in need of an experienced personal trainer, and if your still not sure if I am the trainer for you, first take a look through the testimonials that I have on this website from just a small handful of people I have helped in the past. There is a broad range of people that I have had success with over nearly two decades. Give me a call and find out first hand for yourself how I will get you your health and fitness dreams in 2013.

Thank you for reading and I hope to speak to you soon.