Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Personal Trainer in Cambridge

The CrossTrain way………

I create the body that you want by training and teaching you.
There are many fallacies and myths in the fitness industry that confuse and derail all but the experienced professionals. First I will help to lay the foundations (often overlooked average fitness trainers) to enable swift progress towards your goals.

You will undergo training and instruction in preparation for your particular role, function, profession, event or competition.
Whether you are proud new parent wanting to be the best role model you can to your children, a successful but time restricted entrepreneur/ business person, or a weekend warrior who loves a physical challenge, my 15 plus years of helping people just like you means I have the tried and tested methods that suit your lifestyle.

I teach and supervise you as your coach every step of the way.
Training may last for 1 hour, but there are still 23 hours left that you have to negotiate. I help you with your nutrition, lifestyle habits as well as your physical activity choices to ensure you prevail.

Your body is capable of many functions, let us keep all of these as an option for you.
At CrossTrain you will improve ALL functions of fitness, meaning your body can efficiently execute every activity it performs. That includes burning fat, the toning of your body and building a lean athletic physique. Read my post, “What is Fitness”, and find out what your “disco fly swatting class” is lacking. This will give you an idea why your present exercise class will be forever loaded with the usual fat participants!

You are an athlete! 
While training with me you will train like an athlete (no more mundane workouts for you), eat like one (thus attaining that athletic look), and think like one (positive thinking starts now, you will prevail, no one can defeat you, you are in control of your destiny).

Are you a beginner? No problem. Exciting times lay ahead, as your fitness will go from zero to champion!


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