Saturday, February 4, 2012

Personal Trainer Cambridge - Another Success

I would like to share with you the latest success story for CrossTrain Fitness. Adi shows the great results that can be achieved when one is consistent with their efforts and has the backing of an effective exercise and nutrition plan.

Adi always gives 100% to every training session and is also fully committed to the recommended adjustments that he has implemented for the other 23 hours that remain each day. Here is a recap of Adi´s achievements in just 12 weeks.

Skinfold Measurements for the Body Composition Test (Measurements of the thickness of a pinch of skin at certain sites on the body using Skinfold calipers).

Stomach             48% Reduction
Thigh                  52% Reduction
Hip                     66% Reduction

Using the measurements from 7 sites on Adi´s body, I can then determined his body composition. Adi has made fantastic strides in his short time working with me.

Body Fat %        35% down to 22%

Total Body Fat Lost:        30lbs

Plus Adi has lost a total of 6 inches from his waist and has made fantastic enhancements to his all round fitness that will ensure Adi will continue to make great improvements in the future.

I hope Adi gives you inspiration to make positive healthy choices to your lifestyle. With the right guidance you too can transform yourself.