Monday, August 15, 2011

Corporate Fitness

The executive life can drain your energy and inflate your waistline. Fight back. Imagine your productivity when you:
Boost Energy Levels
Reduce Stress
Enhance your Self Confidence
Reignite your Motivation
Hone your Leadership Skills
Improve your Teamwork Abilities
Discover a new Dynamic Physical Presence

At CrossTrain Fitness we have proved that enhancing your physical condition is a necessary component for success for any successful business person.

Hi, I´m Ben, a certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and former International Athlete with over 15 years proven track record in helping some of the most successful businesspeople enhance their careers and wellbeing. Let me guide you to attaining the best shape of your life.

In your early days, you had all the energy in the world. The fast pace of the life exhilarated you. You occasionally had to strain to do everything you could, but you pushed through. Now you're starting to feel fatigued and pushing through getting is harder and harder.

The fatigue that you may think is the product of nonstop overwork and not getting younger is really all about your health.

Implementing my exercise plan, eating healthier foods and practicing some semblance of life balance will improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

But maintaining healthy habits and finding time for fitness isn't always easy, and it can be a challenge to achieve balance, especially in the face of changing business climates. Let me take you to new found success.

A recent survey by William Mercer Associates indicates that for some CEO's these changes are imperative for achieving long-term career goals. According to Mercer, during an average workday of 11.9 hours, 73 percent of the senior executives surveyed were physically inactive, 40 percent were obese, and 75 percent had two or more risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Without making changes to your lifestyle, how will you prolong their career?
Here are just some of the comments about my Personal Training services from other highly successful businesspeople who have benefited from my passion to pass on my knowledge of health and fitness.

Running a successful company can be like competing in the Olympic Games. It takes an impressive skill set to oversee a multinational corporation, expand its revenues, be responsible for thousands of employees, or manage tens of millions of pounds. Like hard-core athletes, CEOs and successful business people today need endurance, agility, and strength to log punishing hours, outsmart vicious competitors, globe-trot relentlessly, and engage in fierce battles. The goal: to emerge victorious -- time and again.

Then of course you should never over look the fact that many spend their health achieving their wealth, only to eventually spend their wealth attempting to regain their health.

Can you afford not to act now?