Saturday, April 9, 2011

Old School Wisdom Still Rules . Pt2

The words spoken by this great man are timeless. Here are more words of wisdom from the man himself, Jack LaLanne.

If you have never exercised for any extended period of your life then you are really missing out on the fantastic rewards that your hard work can bring. If you can keep away from all the magazine miracle workouts, you know the ones, "beach body in 10 minutes", "Get a stomach like $%&#, we show you how" (insert any celeb name here, it is all BS), and stick to the foundations and keep making progressions then you will on the right path.

As Jack recognised back in the 1950´s, processed foods are your enermy when it comes to your weight loss goals, not to mention all the articfically sweetened low fat foods that are on offer today. Also keep away from the sugar free / calorie free drinks (except pure water of course). With all these so called healther processed foods and drinks around, why are there more overweight individuals than ever before?

Replacing ready meals with fresh fruit and veg alone with lean cuts of meat and fish (I prefer organic) will go a long way towards your goal of fat loss. If it is too expensive to eat this less!

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