Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Personal Training in Cambridge with CrossTrain to Lose Weight

No matter where I have had personal training clients (London, Tokyo, Marbella and now Cambridge), the same misconceptions regarding health and fitness keep arising.  Probably the most common reason for someone hiring me is because they are looking to “lose weight”.

I am different from many Trainers, yes of course as Trainers our clients look to us to deliver noticeable results from the first training session, which I do accomplish, but I also want to ensure that my clients are given the necessary tools to manage their own wellbeing and eventually eliminate their dependency upon me, unlike the fitness industry in general who want you to achieve short term results only to slip back into your old ways. If everyone was fit and healthy there would be considerably less money spent within the industry, and I might add, other industries too!

So I immediately inform my new client that they should be looking to lose fat, not weight. Too many people are obsessed with losing weight when embarking upon a new fitness regime. They unfortunately mistake a few pounds reduced on their bathroom scales as success, the same as someone on a “cabbage diet” that sheds many pounds in a small amount of time. The truth is, most of the weight lost by both methods is probably water loss and muscle wastage, along with a little fat. At this point I must say, please remember that water is essential for our health and muscle, it is also fundamental to our bodies – not the kind of weight that you want to lose.

Success will be achieved with an effective fitness plan that trains ALL aspects of your fitness, which addresses your own individual needs, along with sensible nutritional habits that can be implemented into your lifestyle. With the CrossTrain Fitness system you will receive this plus many other extras to insure that you succeed with my Personal Training service which brings the gym to you if you live in Cambridge or the surrounding areas. I will monitor your body by measuring your body composition, to make sure that you lose fat and not muscle.

Work in Progress....
Another alternative to see if your fat levels are reducing is to monitor how your clothing fits. Females may want to choose a pair of favourite jeans, as they generally hold fat on their hips and thighs, while men could use a shirt to check the fat levels of their back, stomach and neck. Try this method rather than the bathroom scales for a true reflection of your fitness progress.

Or leave nothing to chance and guarantee results for your effort by contacting me to find out how we can work together to incinerate your fat.