Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Testimonial: What is "The" Fitness Class like?

Chris and I started training with Cross Train Fitness almost a year ago and haven't looked back.

We train twice a week and have been amazed by the variety of exercises within the class - no two classes have ever been the same which is great because you never know what you are going to do or where you are going to do it (inside or outside) and there is definitely no room for boredom to set in.
Chris has made great gains this past year
Mikey has always been encouraging and provided plenty of enthusiasm and advice which has made the training so enjoyable. This together with our "class mates" with whom we have made friends and received continual support and encouragement from, goes in to making the whole experience a really good one.
Tracy showing great mobility, balance & flexibility
Anyone of any age or ability is welcomed and we certainly appreciate how much we have gained from the training sessions - we are both fitter, lighter, and more toned than we use to be. You don't feel pressured to compete with others and have always been told "it is not a race" - it is somewhere you can train and develop at your own pace yet have good fun at the same time.

Missing a class is a huge disappointment so why not come and see what you are missing out on?

Chris and Tracy Law 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Group Fitness at "The" Fitness Class in Cambridge

September has been another great month down at Cambridge Rugby Club. As usual we ensured that all aspects of fitness were addresses and improved!
Hip Mobility - the key to a healthy back

Making use of the last of the summer evenings
We all improved our upper body strength
Gordan celebrated his first anniversary of getting fitter at "The" Fitness Class! Look out for Gordan's before and after pictures!
Hard work by all. Great effort everybody!
And we were also joined this month by GB Olympian Ellie Koyander. Welcome to the class Ellie!

What other fitness class in Cambridge can cater for and successfully improve the health and fitness for everyone from beginners to Olympic athletes?

Come and join us and find out.....Your 1st week is FREE!

See you soon


Monday, September 22, 2014

Personal Training in Cambridge with CrossTrain

I've been training regularly with Ben for 20 months now. Having seen what Ben could do to develop young athletes at CRUFC, I was curious to see what he could do for a middle-aged (very) ex-athlete, so I booked four sessions.  I had the usual goals for a 40-something man with a sedentary desk job, "lose a bit of weight and get fitter".  The fact that my initial 4 sessions have turned into more than 75 and counting should be testament enough. 

Ben's training sessions are always well-planned and varied. Instead of the routine exercises I was doing at the gym, Ben has introduced me to the importance of flexibility and core strength, both of which pay great dividends in regular life.  I wish I'd met Ben 30 years ago.

As a measure of the progress I've been able to make with Ben, my 10-15 mile bike rides have turned into a regular 40-50 miles. I may even complete a 100-miler before too long - something I couldn't have even contemplated 20 months ago.

Ben has a keen eye - he can spot when some movement isn't quite right and correct it.  He can also distinguish between laziness (and encourage extra effort), and genuine tiredness (when he'll tell you slow down).  As a result Ben's sessions aren't easy (if you want easy go and spend 30 minutes on the cross-trainer), but they are always within your abilities. 

While Ben's knowledge is unquestionable, it it perhaps this last point, his ability to push you just the right amount, that make him a great trainer, and someone I can't recommend highly enough.

Adrian Fraser
Senior Director
Siemens PLM Software

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August at "The" Fitness Class Cambridge

This past month has seen the group focus upon upper body strength and lower body power to really ramp up everyone’s metabolism to ensure the fat burning continues long after the session has finished. As usual, there has been a varied array of activities dedicated to improving the group’s cardiovascular fitness which received great feedback from everyone.

As the month progressed there was a touch of autumn in the air as temperatures dropped and the heavens opened. So we took full advantage of the facilities of the rugby club and trained the group inside the clubhouse.  

We have introduced new warm up activities that continue our essential theme of glute activation and hip mobility along with core stability. Over the years we continually see that this is a key area to address in the fight against back pain which costs the exchequer over £5 billion per year! These additional movements have kept the sessions fresh and interesting but more importantly has insured everyone is working towards a pain free and efficient way of moving in their everyday lifestyle.

During next month’s sessions I will be looking at using more functional movements to develop whole body power and as usual we will be incorporating new toys to train with to ensure variety continues to the class programme. Look out for the “sandbells”.
Can’t wait!


Monday, August 11, 2014

"The" Fitness Class - July

The fitness class has been blessed with good weather on all of the Monday and Wednesday evenings in the month of July. All sessions have been outside making the most of the space and the temperature. 
A big focus this month has been on developing our press up technique and stamina through a range of different variations. This was done as feedback from the class was they wanted to be able to complete more press ups in one go, which I am happy to write that they all have. Tonight (30th) most of the class managed to complete over 20 decent press up showing great progress. 

Monday sessions this month have been dedicated more to using our own body weight to develop fitness and stamina versus the Wednesday classes which has used much more equipment but with a similar aim. Both sessions have focused on lower body power and strength, from which we have all seen good progress individually.

My favourite session this month was a Monday session mid July using boxing pads and gloves in pairs to great effect to get the heart and breathing rate up using high intensity sets involving punching combined with a few all body exercises. The class attacked the session with a great attitude and work rate and got a lot out of the exercises. 
Great month and looking forward to the next...